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Languages and development platforms of the object-oriented programming languages, C++ is by far the most widely used.Java, a recent addition to the field of object-oriented languages,lacks certain features-such as pointers, templates, and multiple inheritance-that make it less powerful and versatile than. Several other object-oriented languages have been introduced recently, such as C#, but they have not yet attained the wide acceptance of C++.

Until recently the standards for C++ were in a constant state of evolution. This meant that each compiler vendor handled certain details, differently. However, in November 1997, the ANSI/ISO C++ standards committee approved the final draft of what is now known as Standard C++. Standard C++ adds many new features to the languages, such as the Standard Template Library(STL).

Here, C++ is 10 years old, whereas Objective C is 13 years old, and java is 5 years old. Although simula has existed for more than two decades, it has spent most of its life in the research environment. The field is so new however that should not be judged too harshly.

The most popular development environments for C++ are manufactured by Microsoft and Borland(Inprise) and run on the various flavors of Microsoft Windows. You may have heard that C++ is difficult to learn, but it’s really quite similar to other languages, with two or three “grand ideas” thrown in. These new ideas are fascinating in themselves, and we think you’ll have fun learning about them. They are becoming part of the programming culture; they’re something everyone should know a little bit about, like evolution and psychoanalysis.

C++ Programming Introduction

Control Structures


Arrays,Union and Structure 

Pointers and Strings

C++ Classes

Advanced Concepts of C++ 


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