HOW to Install Java?

1.Verify that it is already installed or not
type “javac” in command prompt
If it shows a message like this

Installation in java

then it is not installed.
2: Download JDK

3.Install JDK
4. If the JDK file is downloaded then double click on the file and proceed to next >>>

Installation in java process


setup jdk

Click next >>>


click on next>>>

choosing folder for jdk file
java setup

Then close it.

successfull updation
path setup

go to properties in This PC or (MY Computer).For setting the Path

path setup 2

GO to Advanced setting.

path setup 3

Go to the environmental variable and set up the path

path setup 3

Click on the path and edit it by going to your local disk C and then go to Program Files then in java their is a JDK folder then copy
by following the blue line.

path setup 4

Then enter javac in the Command Prompt
then this following data shows it means that java has been installed

run javac

So the Path is Set.Now You Have to start writing the Program in Notepad.

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