Why Java is object-oriented programming language?

Object oriented programming or OOP is the technique to create program based on the real world.Unlike procedural programming,here in the OOP programming model program are organized around object and data rather than action and logic.Object represent some concepts or things and like any other object in the real Object in programming language have certain behaviour,properties,type and identity. Object-oriented programming is an approach that provides a way of modularizing programs by creating partitioned memory area for both data and function that can be used as templates for creating copies of such modules on demand.

OOP's Process
OOP’s Process

When a program is executed, the objects interact by sending messages to one another.For example , ‘customer’ and ‘account’ are two objects in a banking program,then the customer object may send a message to the account object requesting for the balance.Each object contains data and code to manipulate the data.Objects can interact without having to know the details of each other’s data or code.It is sufficient to know the type of message accepted and the type of response returned by the objects.

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