Python naming convention

Python naming convention**
⦁ An identifier can be a combination of uppercase letters, lowercase letters, underscores, and digits (0-9).Hence,the following are valid identifiers: myClass,my_variable,var_1,and print_hello_world.
⦁ Special characters such as %,@, and $ are not allowed within identifiers.
⦁ an identifier should not begin with a number. Hence, 2 variable is not valid, but variable 2 is acceptable.
⦁ Python is a case-sensitive language and this behavior extends to identifiers. Thus, Labor and labor are two distinct identifiers in Python.
⦁ You cannot use the Python keyword as identifiers.
⦁ Class identifiers begin with an uppercase letter, but the rest of the identifier begins in lowercase.
⦁ You can use underscore to separate multiple words in your identifier.

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